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 Cheyenne Pohl is an up and coming 22 year old independent artist creating original songs that are authentic, honest, and a mix of all of her wildly different/favorite influences, which include...The Beatles, Harry Styles, Ariana Grande, AJR, Oldies music, Motown, Classic Rock, and 60's & 70's music. Pohl's absolute favorite thing to do when creating music is to take things that shouldn't make sense together & turn them into these cool/unique sounds that compliment each other. 

Cheyenne likes to say that she has a weird "sixth sense" for music. Her favorite thing is to discover all the hidden harmonies, melodies, instruments, lyric meanings etc, in songs. Pohl will talk for hours about her little discoveries and how this one note of this song is from this note in another song of the opposite genre...& this song sampled this &...these harmonies are so smart or beautiful because...& it's never ending haha. Cheyenne is never NOT thinking about music in some shape or form...& she finds that extremely special <3

Currently Cheyenne is creating her debut album, releasing singles, and performing live with Clockwork Band! She can't wait to share everything that is to come. 




  • Currently one of the lead singers of Clockwork Band 
  • Had the honor of opening for Eddie Money at the age of 17 with her previous band UNUM in 2017
  • Released 5 singles and 6 releases since November of 2021

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