"My Personal Faves"....of the Month - April 2022

Hey! Welcome to "My Personal Faves"...of the Month! 

At the end of each month I'll be making a list of songs that I love / couldn't stop listening to during that month. The songs are honestly not in much of any order. I just wrote them down as I remembered which ones I was the MOST obsessed with this month haha. 

Music is so special and has a different meaning or purpose for everyone. I've always found that sharing music with my friends or loved ones makes us closer and allows each of us to find new songs, bands, something new in the music, and we typically come out of it with a bigger appreciation for music and each other. I wanted to make those memories with you all by sharing my top songs of every month. 

I swear I have so much to talk about when it comes to my favorite music, so even though this is an edited down version, I wanted to create a space to share favorite new finds & old favorites. 


So, let's get started! 


*everything mentioned in this blog is my personal view & opinion, not facts.  


April 2022


 1. As it Was - Harry Styles 

Harry's first single off of his new album "Harry's House". When I tell you this song is made with pure serotonin. The lyrics are raw, honest, & upsetting, while the music is uplifting, upbeat, thoughtful, joyous, and even gives me vibes of "Take on Me" by A-HA. One of my favorite parts of this song is the bells! Especially because of what they represent. In the 2nd verse Harry says the line "ringing the bell, and nobody's coming to help", then at the end of the song bells play symbolizing his new phase of life, growth, and self-reflection. Listen to this song as you go for a drive. 

Favorite Lyric: "answer the phone, Harry you're no good alone....your daddy lives by himself, he just wants to know that you're well"


2. Canyon Moon - Harry Styles 

 Ugh this song is just full of vibes! I've been listening to this one a lot lately, it just makes me so happy. Every detail of this song is beautiful. The harmonies that are added on with each verse, the steady but interesting bass line, the open tuning guitar, and all the other little instrumental elements. It takes you for a campy, whimsical, roadtrip through the song and I love every stop, view, & moment. 

Favorite lyric: "an old lover's hippie music, pretends not to know the words"


3. It's Up to you Petula - Edison Lighthouse 

Edison Lighthouse (to my knowledge) has quite literally, one album. Yet, it's a fantastic album! This song has so much charm to it. It's catchy, has fun note changes...they honestly give off the vibes of Herman's Hermits, The Beatles, The Monkees, and Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons. Those influences for me come from a mix of their instrumentals, melodies, and the use of their harmonies & doubling. Anyway, I'm obsessed with this song and everything about it. Btw, if you've heard the song "Love Grows" from TikTok or anywhere else...THAT'S Edison Lighthouse! 

Favorite Lyric: "it's up to you choose, I only hope you do it right..i-i-i-ight"


4. 777 - Silk Sonic 

Ooooo this song!! One thing you get with Silk Sonic is FLAREEE. They instantly make you feel like you're the coolest person living in the 70's. Ugh, this song especially brings so much "umph", flare, attitude, confidence mixed with cockiness but somehow in a good way. 777 makes you wanna dance & "buy Las Vegas after this roll". Silk Sonic opened with this song on this year's Grammy's and WOW. Their talent is already impeccable but mixed with their performing they're unstoppable. Also, hello??? They're single-handedly bringing back the 70's!! Nothing could be better than that, especially when it's done so incredibly well by these two. Also, their little clever lyrics with Michael Jackson?....Genius. 

Favorite Lyric: "Moon walk to the money like I'm Mike Jack. Yes I'm faded, pupils dilated, but the man in the mirror sayin go & get your paper" 


5. Walkin' After Midnight - Patsy Cline 

I re-found Patsy Cline this month and this woman is extraordinary. Heartbreaking, but extraordinary. Her voice is so beautiful and I love the way she story-tells through songs. Her lyrics telling the stories are so clever and thought out, yet also simple. Which to me is one of the most impressive things an artist can accomplish. A simple lyric that somehow makes you feel it in your soul & possibly re-think life. This song in particular has a great rhythm to it and flow of notes. I actually forgot this song existed until someone sang it at a karaoke thing haha. Anyway, it's stunning and some other favorites are "Crazy" and "She's Got You"

Favorite Lyric: "I stop to see a weeping willow, crying on his pillow, well maybe he's crying for me"


6.  Sunburn - Almost Monday 

Almost Monday is one of my favorite smaller bands. They just released this song this month and I had it on repeat for weeks. It's the perfect beachy banger. Honestly, most of their songs have that vibe but they always manage to give us something different with each release. You want the perfect summer playlist? It's this song and this band.

Favorite Lyric: "An ice cold shower can't help baby, cause you'll always be that sunburn on me"


7.  Fly As Me - Silk Sonic 

Again, flow flow flow. Anderson just carries this song. The flow of everything in it is just absolutely perfect. I don't think anything makes me feel as cool as this song does. The whole premise of this song dives into self worth and self love. If you need a pick me up THIS is the song! The two-part harmony on the pre-chorus is one of my favorite parts. That and all of the ad-libs...it's just all so incredible. I will forever be obsessed and impressed with Silk Sonic. 

Favorite Lyric: "I deserve to be, with somebody as fly as me, somebody this fly." "You & me together oooo that's something different" 


8. No Control - One Direction 

I was never really a hardcore One Direction fan, but they have a handful of songs I just can't get enough of. I kept hearing this song on TikTok and could never get it out of my head. I finally found the song and once I did I became obsessed. The lyrics to it are so clever as well as the whole premise. I wish I fell this hard for someone haha. Plus, the whole drive of it, everything, all of it, is so great. My favorite lyric is "the pedal's down my eyes are closed, no control". Think about that...really think about that. You're driving, foot on the pedal, to the floor probably, eyes closed, just goin...yeah, literally no control. Then you apply that to being head over heels for someone? Exhilarating. 

Favorite Lyric: "The pedal's down my eyes are closed, no control"


 That's the April 2022 list! Thank you for hangin! If you're interested in finding MORE new songs check out my playlist "My Personal Faves" on Spotify & don't forget to follow my Spotify artist profile. :)

Come back next month for the May edition of "My Personal Faves...of the Month" Get ready...cause "Harry's House" comes out May 20th!! 

Comment YOUR "personal faves of the month" ! 

Have a happy day

Peace, Love, Music

-Cheyenne <3

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